Who are the top 10 leading experts in real estate law?

It is subjective to determine the top 10 leading experts in real estate law as it may vary based on individual opinions and different criteria. However, here is a list of influential and well-regarded lawyers in the field of real estate law:

1. David Reiss: Professor of Law and Research Director at the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) at Brooklyn Law School.
2. Joseph G. Fortner: Founding partner of Fortner Lawyers PLC and widely recognized real estate lawyer in the U.S.
3. Marshall C. Deason Jr.: Prominent real estate attorney, author, and speaker who specializes in real estate transactions and litigation.
4. Michael L. Waldron: Partner at Ballard Spahr LLP and co-leader of the firm’s Mortgage Banking Group, focusing on regulatory compliance and litigation.
5. James R. Touchstone: Founding partner of Jones & Mayer and experienced real estate lawyer specializing in land use, zoning, and local government law.
6. Robin Paul Malloy: E.I. White Chair and Distinguished Professor of Law at Syracuse University College of Law with expertise in property law and real estate transactions.
7. Robert Bruss: Late real estate expert and author who dedicated his career to educating people about real estate and writing a syndicated column on the topic.
8. Dwight Merriam: Founding partner at Robinson+Cole and well-known litigator, writer, and lecturer on land use and zoning law.
9. Edward H. Levin: Founding partner at Greenspoon Marder LLP and respected real estate attorney with extensive experience in commercial real estate transactions.
10. William Bronchick: Experienced real estate lawyer, author, and speaker specializing in creative real estate investing and asset protection.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are numerous other esteemed real estate law experts who deserve recognition.

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